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Thank you for using Pulse. The FAQ below answers common questions that we get –– and if you have any other questions, get in touch or tweet at us.

Frequently answered questions

Why do I need a phone number to sign up?

Pulse uses your phone number to verify your identity and help keep your account safe. Because you are sharing sensitive information with other users in the system, we want to ensure that our users are who they say they are.

When I’m using Pulse, who can see where I am?

Only friends that you are explicitly sharing with and groups that you are participating in can see where you are.

How do I change my sharing status with friends?

You can change your sharing status with individual friends by either:

  1. Tapping on the friend in the friends list and tapping the share button on the card.
  2. Swiping left on the friend in the friends list to toggle the share state.
Why is my friend offline?

First of all, check that your friend is sharing his or her location with you. Otherwise, please ensure that:

  1. Location services is turned on for the app and the phone. You can find that by going to Settings > Privacy.
  2. The friend is not force quitting the app
  3. Cellular data is turned on for the app and the phone. You can find that by going to Settings > Cellular
  4. Background app refresh is turned on. You can find that by going to Settings > General > Background App refresh
  5. The phone is not on Low Power Mode. You can find that by going to Settings > Battery
What do you do with my data?

We are very, very serious about your privacy. Because we use Pulse ourselves, we treat your data as carefully as we treat ours’ and our loved ones’. Read the full break down at our privacy policy here.

How does sync contacts work?

Synced contacts help us keep your friends list up to date. After you give us permissions to access your address book, we keep a copy of your contact list on our servers and periodically keep it up to date. When new users join our service, we use this information to suggest friends to you. Don’t worry, we will not add them to your friends list unless you explicitly perform the add action.

Does Pulse use a lot of battery?

The short answer is no. The app only activates when necessary, such as when your friends are finding where you are using Pulse. However, you may see increased battery usage during short periods of time when you and your friends are using Pulse to coordinate. If you think the app may be using more battery than normal, please report the issue to us directly.

When is this available on Android?

We’re working on it! Pester us.

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